NCBTMB is proud to partner with the American College of Healthcare Sciences to empower new and veteran massage therapists with the opportunity to achieve a Professional Certificate in Holistic Spa Management—an exclusive professional certificate available to therapists who complete the ACHS Certificate in Holistic Spa Management and successfully pass the NCBTMB application process and exam.

This 9 semester credit program offers students the opportunity to gain the skills and certificate for a management career in the spa industry through a comprehensive, online program in as little as 15 weeks. This program will empower you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of spa management in a short time frame and further your career in the spa industry.

To qualify for the NCBTMB Professional Certificate, the following requirements must be met:

  • Successfully complete all ACHS Holistic Spa Management courses
  • Pass the NCBTMB Specialty Exam (online)

The 5 ACHS courses to further your career in spa management:

To successfully complete the program, students must first pass SPA 120 A Comprehensive Introduction to Spa Management, which is a prerequisite to the sequential courses SPA 220, SPA 250, and SPA 367—all of which are required to complete the ACHS Certificate in Holistic Spa Management. Typically, SPA 120 and AROMA 103 are taken at the same time, followed by SPA 220, SPA 250, and SPA 367.

Benefits of the Holistic Spa Management Professional Certificate

  • Differentiate yourself from other spa managers and aspiring spa managers with both an accredited academic certificate and professional recognition
  • Identify current and emerging trends in the spa industry
  • Gain foundational skills in strategic planning for spas including retail pricing and strategy, business planning, and staff management
  • Broaden your knowledge of aromatherapy as an essential modality to implement for spas
  • Describe professional code of ethics, state regulatory requirements, and health regulations as they relate to the spa profession
  • An industry recognized NCBTMB Professional Specialty Certificate in Spa Management, as well as a Letter of Verification to present to key stakeholders