NCBTMB is proud to partner with the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) to empower new and veteran massage therapists with the opportunity to achieve a Specialty Certificate in Sports Massage—an exclusive certificate available to therapists who complete AMTA’s Sports Massage Program.

This new continuing education program focuses on advanced sports massage scenarios and settings, with a goal of providing superior learning and an exam to demonstrate completion of the course of study. The new program is backed by AMTA’s attention to developing high-level continuing education and a certificate exam administered by the NCBTMB.

The NCBTMB/AMTA Sports Massage Specialty Certificate Program provides a solid foundational overview on the subject via a series of six online classes (21.5 CEs) looking at the science and settings for sports massage and is enhanced by a face-to-face workshop (8 CEs) featuring techniques and applications most appropriate when working with athletes. The subject matter was designed to provide newer practitioners an overview of this important area of practice, while still being detailed enough to give more veteran therapists a helpful refresher of the current science in the field—empowering you with the additional education, experience, and national backing from two of the profession’s most prestigious organizations to further increase credibility when seeking employment, aiming to advance your skills, or working with athletes.